Accepted Insurance

Most phases of periodontal therapy may be covered by dental insurance.  We will help you in filing your claims, handling insurance questions, processing follow ups, etc.  For more information about dental insurance, click here.

For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards, including discover card, checks, or cash. We also have a financial service available if necessary. We offer payment plans, such as Springleaf Financial and CareCredit, and other financial options.


The type of treatment you need and receive is based upon Dr. Rabalais’ professional judgment not on whether you are covered by an insurance plan.  If you believe that the dental benefits provided by your plan are inadequate you may want to discuss that matter with your employer so that he/she can discuss that with the insurance company. 

We realize that your insurance company leads you to believe that they will pay 80% and you will only have to pay 20% of the fee for your treatment.  In actuality, we are aware that the insurance usually covers only 40-50% of the fee.  Because of this, we ask that you put down 50% before we begin treatment and any adjustments will be made when your pre-treatment estimate comes in.  We will be happy to discuss your treatment plan’s advantages with you and involve you in deciding your dental future rather than letting your insurance company dictate your treatment options. We only have your best interest and dental health in mind!

If there is a balance on your account you will receive a bill each month from this office whether or not you have an insurance claim pending. This is done automatically by our computer program.  Many times the insurance company, using delay tactics, does not pay the claim for months.  Since this office uses standard business procedures your account will incur interest at the rate of 1 ½ % per month on any unpaid balance over 30 days.  You could pay the bill in full to avoid interest charges. When we receive payment from your insurance company we immediately credit your account if you have a balance and refund any amount due you.  We have no contract with any dental insurance company.  You have the policy - not this office.  If you received a bill from this office it means that your insurance company has not sent in your payment.  Before calling us, we suggest calling your insurance company to find out why they have refused payment for your treatments.